Benefits and safety measures of Electric Chain Hoist

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  • March 18, 2021

When we talk about the usage of an electric chain hoist, the operator possibly looks for several things like, along with being safe and, it should be robust, durable, should operate without causing any noise, must operate smoothly, and should be compact.

The features of an outstanding electric chain hoist include its designing which enables it to lift heavy, moving loads. As such, these hoists need to work efficaciously without causing any breakdown.

As these electric chain hoists can perform endlessly without any halt, they are also susceptible to experience wear and tear. As such, maintenance is very crucial for long-lasting or durable performance. Along with maintenance, the safety measures while their operation is a key point to understand.

Benefits of using an electric chain hoist

1. Increased productivity

An electrically powered hoist enables you to carry items much quicker and with quiet ease. Unlike manual hoists which take a lot of time, the electric version gets the job done in no time.

2. High load capacity

Electric lifting devices usually have a high combined hoist and trolley combination, which may range from 100 to 200 pounds for the heavier machines. This comfortably allows you to undertake to lift of a wide range of loads.

3. Cost effective

Very little labor is involved when working with an electric hoist. This is because of the machine’s high carrying capacity and efficiency. It gives you significant savings on manpower over time. Along with the high-performance output, this makes it a cost-effective investment.

4. Versatile

Electric lifting devices give you more versatility as you work. They allow you to lift heavy loads vertically as well as pull the load sideways. Some hoists only allow vertical movement. The electric hoist offers you both vertical and horizontal movement which adds to its functionality.

5. Durability

Electric-type hoists can serve you for several years if well maintained. A regular maintenance and inspection schedule helps to keep the machine in good shape, especially when frequently used. Both manual and hydraulic hoists are subject to a high rate of wear and tear.

Safety measures for electric hoists

Electric hoists are made to lift heavy objects with ease and comfort. These hoists are capable of lifting kgs to tones. But not to forget, it is essential to maintain proper safety measures to ensure the safety of the operator, machine, and load.

Safety measures for hoists include good knowledge about the hoist, operating practices that involve training, and communication during operation as well as the load.

1. Appropriate selection of the Hoist

The very initial step of safe hoist operation starts with the selection of a proper hoist. It is critically important that the selected hoist has a capacity that weighs more than the weight of the load.

Also, ensure the length of the load chain of the hoist is long enough and reaches the load. Take an electric chain hoist into consideration when the load has to be lifted for a long distance.

2. Operator’s knowledge

It may not essentially be the feature of the hoist, but it can affect the performance of the hoist greatly as an expert is required for a safe operation.

Apart from following general safety instructions, the training of the specific part on which the operator will be working is also very much important.

Points like inspections and maintenance, information about lift capacity, load limit devices, braking mechanisms, slip clutches, wear limits should be part of the training.

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