Electric Chain Hoists vs Electric Wire Rope Hoists

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  • March 10, 2021

A hoist is a device which is used for lifting and lowering loads by the means of wire rope or chain with a combination of sheeves or sprockets which the wire rope or chain wraps around. These types of hoist are what professionals and manufacturing rely on.

As the name states “Electric” both Chain and Wire Rope hoists are used for lifting and lowering loads which are heavy and out of human limitations.

Heavy-lifting equipment is necessary for every industry weather its aerospace, construction, automotive or food beverage. Either hoist can be operated or controlled in many ways. Typical ways are pendant or radio remote. Often there is confusion which type of hoist is most suitable for your application.

#1. Type Hoist

Electric Chain Hoist – Lift a load by pulling the chain through sprockets and moving the chain into a chain container. The chain links are linked together by mechanical means to make it a continuous length. Electric Wire Rope Hoist – Lift a load by pulling the wire rope through sheaves and is wrapped around a grooved drum. Wire Ropes are a continual length.

#2. Lifting Technique

Electric Chain Hoist – Chain hoist provide a true vertical lift which means they raise the material straight up with no lateral movement. This generally not required, is used for precise lifts.

Electric Wire Rope Hoist – Wire rope hoists use a cable to lift the load which is wrapped around a grooved drum that causes the cable and load to move laterally and do not give a precise or accurate lift. Although the lateral movement is negligible in most cases and a wire rope hoist can be provided with true vertical lift a chain hoist will be more cost effective.

#3. Capacity

Electric Chain Hoist – If the applications require only loads of 3 ton or less to be lifted a chain hoist would be the most cost effective. Or if precision is required over speed a chain hoist is for you.

Electric Wire Rope Hoist – Generally used is heavily used applications where loads are 5 ton and greater. Wire rope hoists are the optimal choice for heavy lifting in the market.

#4. Speed

Electric Chain Hoist – Chain hoists typically lift a load at a slower speed in comparison to wire rope hoist, but you get the work done with precision which could help get a task done quicker than having speed.

Electric Wire Rope Hoist – Wire rope hoist typically lift the load much faster than chain hoist, if you need a lot of material moved quickly with little or no precision then a wire rope hoist will do the job.

#5. Price

Electric Chain Hoist – Electric chain hoist is the most common and economical solution if you don’t have that much of a budget and want to lift weight below 3 tons. Typically, they require less maintenance which means lower maintenance costs.

Electric Wire Rope Hoist – Wire rope hoist can cost you more but if the application requires you to lift heavy material with a fast pace a wire rope hoist is your best option.

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