Things to consider before buying an Electric Chain Hoist

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  • March 10, 2021

Electric Chain Hoists are more commonly known as “Motorized Chain Hoists” in the industry. They are used in applications such as manufacturing, maintenance, in entertain such as concerts for lifting arrays for lighting, speakers or sporting events for suspending score boards.

Investing money on chain hoists is very reasonable since it can help increase productivity, help avoid back injuries, and this is guaranteed. It also saves immensely on labor expenses and time, which is precious. Electric Chain Hoists are highly endorsed and preferred in each premise and are easy to use.

Electric chain hoist s can assist in moving heavy items from one location to the other with a simple push of a button. The electric chain hoist  turns out to be extremely cost effective in the long haul. One person can move an item that could take serval. Money does not need to be spent on rental equipment or hiring professionals to operate the apparatus as it can conveniently be managed with little training.

However, the task to choose an Electric Chain Hoist according to your need can be more complicated. As the market is completely filled with a large number of products and many of the manufacturers claiming to be the top one so it is a bit difficult to choose the right one.

That is why to help you get an Electric Chain Hoist according to your requirements we have prepared a list of pointers which will help you consider the most suitable Electric Chain Hoist for you and your application.

#1. Weight of Load

This is the first and most important factor you need to consider when buying an Electric Chain Hoist. Firstly, it is essential to determine the average load lifted and the maximum weight or 15% – 20% more than the average and how often.

As a rule, for capacity 4 tons and less the chain hoists are the most preferred choice. But this does not hold with every industry. Depending on your industry needs and requirements, the choice of hoists will vary.

#2. Lifting Speed

The next factor which needs to be considered is the speed of lifting motion, which must be carefully calibrated for loading and unloading of goods and can be safely accomplished.

If the correct Electric chain Hoist is selected it can be used up to 8-10 hours with 20-30 lifts per hour.

#3. The Height of lift

The next factor which you need to consider is the height you need to lift the load. Most electric hoists include a chain container; the height of lift controls the size of the chain container required.

The distance from the mounting of the hoist to bottom or saddle of the hook when the bottom hook is at its uppermost position needs to be taken into consideration. You will need to ensure you have enough height for your application.

#4. The Power source

The application of hoist will also determine the type of power source you need to use. First you must determine the duty cycle, Low-Duty cycle or Heavy-Duty cycle which is typically defined by the number of lifts per hour.

When a Heavy-Duty cycle exists a higher voltage is desired.

Some of the Electric chain hoist is manufactured to operate on either 120V / 208V or 230V / 460V for single phase power and will not be enough if you are using it for a Heavy-duty cycle.

It is always better to predetermine the availability of power supply before buying an electric chain hoist .

#5. The Duty Cycle

How often will the hoist be running per day? The Duty cycle implies the time for which the hoist is going to be in use. The number of hours that the hoist will operate can impact the longevity of the hoist. Hoists should be given enough time to cool down and recover between operations.

Many motorized chain hoists cannot dissipate the heat from the motors and so the Duty cycle needs to be considered prior to the purchase.

#6. The Working Environment

The Environment in which a hoist is being operated in is a key factor for the life of a hoist and can affect the duty-cycle.

Factory environments can be abrasive for machinery, and it is essential to understand what kind of impact the workplace is going to have on your equipment.

For example: In high heat areas it can cause the hoist to malfunction and in most of the cases it causes gearbox leakage, and in extremely cold areas can cause casing cracks and seized components.

Is the hoist going to be operated indoors or outdoors? This will affect the life of hoist and it needs to be considered.

#7. Safety Features

There are many safety features which you need to consider before purchasing your motorized chain hoist. Because at the end of the day you will be purchasing a machine. And in any setting where machines are used accidents can happen, so it is better to take precautions at time of purchase to avoid them.

To help extend the life and increase safety purchasing a hoist with a load limit device or internal clutch which does not allow lifting a load greater than the capacity hoist is rated. And not due to overloading, you should also consider the overheating can also be harmful.

#8. Warranty

Purchasing an Electric chain hoist because its price is not always the best decision. Warranty needs to be considered because it will help you down the road.

As far as machines go Electric hoists undergo a cycle of wear and tear as its work is mostly for industry basis. Hence, to avoid the repair cost you can get a product that has attractive warranty features. But always read the fine print as there are manufacturers which will be giving you lifetime warranty but as you read the fine print the lifetime warranty is limited to certain components and never always apply for every damage.

So always read the warranty fine print and don’t just go for the economical option as at the end “Quality is what matters”.

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