What Are The Different Types Of Chain Hoists Present In The Market?

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  • July 14, 2021

You can use a chain hoist for heavy lifting with the help of pulleys or pulley like drums. It changes the direction >and increases the force, making pulling something heavier with no difficulty. The user can use it almost everywhere, making everyday tasks simpler. These come in different shapes >and sizes, designed to pull a variety of weights. Here in this article, we have described two types of chain hoists, namely manual >and electric chain hoist.

Manual Chain Hoist

These are the lighter category of the hoist >and get used for loading tow trucks. The hoists are composed of a heavy cable loop >and a series of gears. They consist of a chain sitting between the teeth of the h>andheld gears of the hoist, leading straight down to the tow hook. This electric chain hoist also comes with a ratchet that is attached to the side of gear fixtures. Manual hoists also get frequently used as chain lifters.

Electric Chain Hoist

These are extensively heavy when compared to manual lifters >and equipped with solid steel housing covering the internal mechanism of the chain. These are controlled by an electric control panel, hanging from a cord while extended from the hoist side. The heavy hook >and chain are present sticking to the underside of the hoist. They electrically lift weights >and thus are used for heavy weight lifting

The electric chain hoist offers flexibility >and durability in lifting >and is easy to use, enhances safety, speeds up work cycles, >and extends service life. Being adaptable >and long-lasting, they are ideal for any workstation like an overhead crane, a workstation crane, or a jib crane. You can rely on electric weightlifters for lifting weights to 5000 kg. Many variations are present, starting from the basic model like 5-ton electric chain hoist, ton electric chain hoist, >and beam hoists to improve their efficiency >and weight lifting capability.

Place the hoists well so that they can operate properly. You can mount these cumbersome machines on the walls >and ceilings of workplaces. In this way, you can lift heavy equipment with ease. The gears, which have a unique design to maximize the torque, are connected using an electric motor. The gears wrapping around a drum with a linked chain further improves the maximum output of torque obtained.

When the control panel is active, the 5-ton electric chain hoist, ton electric chain hoist can be lowered or raised, depending on the weight it is lifting. In certain types, a wire loop is present around a joist, which can hold the weight lifted. Disengagement of the ratchet gets done while connecting the hook, >and then re-engagement is done. You can pump the lever up or down according to the need. It will reel the chain until the lifting of an item gets completed.


While you are working with large >and heavy tools, chain hoists can significantly reduce your efforts >and fasten up your work. You can choose from a variety of hoists according to your workstation requirements.

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