CM Electric Overhead Cranes

When you think of CM electric overhead cranes, think of Advanced Overhead Crane Services (AOC).

In addition to CM electric overhead cranes, we also provide 24-hour emergency services.

AOC services bridge cranes, overhead cranes, gantry cranes, jib cranes, monorails, hoists, lifts, material handling equipment, patented track systems, enclosed track systems and other heavy duty moving equipment and machinery.

Core Crane Services

Our core services include inspections, testing, regulatory compliance maintenance, service and repairs, major upgrades, modifications, and product sales including complete turnkey systems.

We pride ourselves on providing top-notch CM electric overhead cranes and up to date qualifications.

  • Texas Electrical Contractor License Number 18640
  • We employ Master Journeymen and Maintenance Electricians
  • Skilled Millwrights
  • Certified Welders
  • Non-Destructive Testing Certified Level 1 and 2
  • Riggers and Erectors
  • We are licensed through the DOSH license number CA-283
  • Technicians are factory trained by various hoist and crane manufacturers
  • Licensed by the Crane Certification Association of America with CCS (Certified Crane Surveyor) designation

Technicians are extensively trained in-house and fully prepared before they reach your job-site. As your CM electric overhead cranes vendor, we'll complete the job professionally while making sure the work is done promptly and meets or exceeds all regulatory requirements.

Are Annual Inspections Enough?

OSHA requires annual inspections. They also require equipment be maintained on a scheduled basis, complete with dated records, according to the equipment duty cycle and the manufacturers requirements. As your CM electric overhead cranes provider, we ensure that you meet OSHA requirements.

Are Meeting Minimum OSHA Annual Requirements Enough?

Quarterly inspections prevent small problems from becoming large. Unexpected down time costs money. If you take two identical cranes with the same age running the same duty cycle, the annually maintained crane will almost always cost more over time due to higher operating costs, lost productivity from downtime and increased repair bills.

Two identical cranes, same age and running the same duty cycle. The annually maintained crane will almost always cost more over time due to higher operating costs, lost productivity from downtime and increased repair bills.

Advanced Overhead Crane Inspectors are:

  • Trained and qualified
  • Receive ongoing regulations education
  • Receive continuing education to maintain Texas electrician licenses.
  • Structural experts who can accurately inspect equipment
  • Will solve and resolve problems safely and efficiently
  • Experience with standards for all equipment and services including manufacturers design and design specifications
  • Our inspectors educate themselves on many manufacturers, makes and models of equipment in use today!

Overhead Crane Equipment Misconceptions

  • If the equipment adheres to regulations and standards, it's in compliance. Not always the case.
  • If the equipment meets standards and regulations it's safe to operate. Not necessarily.
  • Many manufacturers go beyond the minimum standards in the design and operation of their equipment. As your CM electric overhead cranes supplier, we can help you understand the difference between minimum standards, operational and compliance.

Contact Advanced Overhead Crane Services for your CM electric overhead cranes sourcing requirements to save money, avoid unexpected down time and unnecessary risks.

Benefits of performing quarterly inspections and preventive maintenance from your CM electric overhead cranes vendor are:

  • As your CM electric overhead cranes source, we'll help you lower costs by reducing or eliminating emergency repairs.
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