Electric Chain Hoist Suspension and Trolleys

Nowadays Industrial technologies have now really simplified their everyday operations which has made the managing of loads and heavy materials really easier as compared to the technologies which the industries had back then. Electric chain hoists have been invested to serve the purpose now.

As we know that the manual process becomes really difficult to lift heavy loads, the current modern technologies have removed all these complications and have made it much more easier

Advanced Overhead Cranes is one such reliable supplierproviding the best quality electric chain hoists. Depending on your requirements of all the features and functionalities you want in these hoists, you can go ahead and place your order today.

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When you start making a decision of buying electric chain hoists, you have to have some variables around it. So that it becomes easy for you to make the right decision. If you be careful in considering these factors in choosing the right electric hoist trolleys, you can definitely increase the productivity and grow your business.

Suspension is considered by every electric chain hoist buyer as it is one of the most remarkable factor. Suspension is basically the process of electric chain hoist mounting. This also specifies the procedure or the method applied for the suspension and mounting of the electric hoists.

The suspension level has a major role to play for those who are considering to buy electric chain hoist.

Once you suspend the chain block from the hook, that specific level of suspension signals the level of suspending hook saddle.

let us for example take the combination of a trolley and block, so it is basically the surface level on which you are running the trolley.

We focus on these suspensions;

  • electric chain hoist hook mounts
  • electric chain hoists top hook suspension

Electric chain hoist Hook Mount

By now you must be having an idea of what does the name hook mount suspension mean, it basically says that the hook remains fitted to the rolling system which takes care of the suspension. Which means that you can lift the chain hoist by using the hook.

There are two options available along with this suspension:

  1. Swivel hook
  2. Rigid hook

Also, a very important factor to keep in mind while buying the electric chain hoist is to find the right type of hook which fulfils your requirements.

When you go for a rigid hook design, a rigid hook design makes your hoist more stable and it prevents any rotator movement.

So, for a still mounting purpose you can easily go for this option of the hook model. Whereas for the usage of a swivel hook, you can twist your chain hoist depending on your requirement.

To sum this up we can say that your very initial task is to identify the functioning and later you can choose the best suited chain hoist with a suspension.

Electric chain hoists top hook suspension or Lug suspension

The electric chain hoist top hook suspension or as we also call it the lug suspension is another type of suspension which is used with electric chain hoist. If you are not the one who uses their electric chain hoist on a regular basis then you can go with this slug suspension.

Electric chain hoist top hook provides you whenever you need some rigidity in your chain hoists and are looking for some easily mountable solutions just by using some bolts and nuts to the trolley.

Trolley mounted chain hoist

Now that we have explained above about the lug suspension and the hook mount models of an electric chain hoist. There is one more category of suspension which is used for electric hoists.

There are some of the hoists with a trolley mounted design. They areclevis mounted with trolley and are one of the integral part of a hoist frame. This frame helps with the low-rim travel motion on the monorail beam and the bridge beam of your crane.

Electric chain hoist trolley

Advanced Overhead Crane is a supplier of a range of manual trolley (push-pull trolley and geared trolley) which suits diverse beam widths in order to provide an easy and a convenient method to move a load.

Advanced Overhead crane’s Manual Trolley makes your operations easy for your most demanding travelling operations.

Manual trolley consists of sealed ball bearings which avoids all the maintenance hassles and gives you a smooth operation with a very minimum downtime.

Electric chain hoist push/pull trolley

  • Push-Pull consists of 4 free moving wheels that can be moved by solely pulling the load.
  • 0.5 Ton to 10 Ton is the capacity range.
  • It is the easiest skid option.
  • It is one of the most affordable option for the applications which includea longer traversing distances.
  • Even after having a robust and a rigid construction it is the easiest to assemble and dismantle.
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