Electric Chain Hoist

Electronic Chain hoists are electrically powered appliance that is used to lift, lower and even move heavy objects. They are mainly used to alleviate potential strain and injury on any person who needs to lift a heavy object or where the object is just much too heavy for a human to lift unaided.

Advanced overhead cranes’ are a distributor of electric chain hoists of big brands such as

Robbins & Myers (R&M)

Electric chain hoists come in various lift capacities:

  • Electric chain hoist 1-ton capacity
  • Electric chain hoist 2-ton capacity
  • Electric chain hoist 3-ton capacity
  • Electric chain hoist 5-ton capacity
Whether the unit is an electric or manual lifting chain hoist, it can pay back many times the investment due to the efficiency it provides for lifting purposes. Electric chain hoists are found in abundance across many different types of working areas, they are most commonly used on construction sites, in warehouses, workshops, and in-car maintenance garages.

What is the main purpose of electric chain hoists?

The primary benefit is that they are able to lift loads straight up with no lateral movement. They are most commonly used for light to medium loads and are ideally suited to use in assembly operations, on a workstation crane, with a jib crane, or for maintenance operations. They are a simple, easy-to-use solution that increases productivity in your operations.
Electric lifting hoists have electric chain hoist and wire rope electric hoist, which has fast and slow speed. The slow-speed type is mostly used for lifting alloy liquid casting or starting casting and sandbox.

How do electric chain hoists work

Advanced overhead cranes provide electric chain hoists from vendors like ACCO Coffing, Gorbel which are effective light-duty chain hoists. Electric hoists make lifting heavy objects very easy. These hoists can lift ranging from pounds to tones. But at the same time, it is required to maintain proper safety measures to ensure the safety of the Hoist, load, and the operator.

Safety measures include proper knowledge about the hoist, load, and operating practices which includes training and communication while operating. Electric chain hoists have an induction motor and a brake to ensure the load is held when lifting which enables heavy loads to be lifted in a safer way(enabling heavy objects/loads to be lifted safely). The motor converts electrical energy into mechanical energy which can then lift the load/weight. It has a brake that has an interlocking mechanism in combination with a motor that operates in an entirely unique way. When the electric chain hoist is in operation the energy supply provided to the brake will be released, but when the motor is off, the supply is automatically provided and the brake will resume – to ensure that the crane load can be held. The hassle and time spent lifting heavy items are virtually removed.

Advanced overhead cranes guide on how to use electric chain hoists

Electric lifting hoist consists of an induction motor with a brake to hold the load which is lifted on it. It's an electrical panel board and the motor with pulley coupled to the hoist, along with a pendant operating station hanging with the help of a steel wire rope at a height of operator-friendly use. Its brake has an interlock with the motor to operate in such a way that whenever the motor gets switched on, the supply to the brake will be cut off and the break will be released and when the motor is switched off, the supply goes to the break and break will be applied to cause the load to behold away from the gravity. If the break is not adjusted properly the load may fall on the ground.

Good characteristics of electric chain hoists

High quality motor brake

A good quality braking system is a secret to a good quality hoist. It also defines the ease and safety of working with the hoist. The rotor system of the hoist should be easy and secure to work with. Keeping all these factors in mind one should purchase a hoist with a good motor brake.

Limit switch for hoist control

It is important to have a limit switch that will control the working of the hoist. This ensures safe working. The limit switch for hoist control will help the operator know that the hoist is now lifted beyond its limit and should now be switched off. This will prevent accidents and mishaps at the worksite.

Friction clutch

The friction clutch can stop the motor racing when the hoist is overloaded.

Few more characteristics of electric chain hoists

  • The body of hoist and gearbox of a trolley is made of high-strength alloy steel.
  • The guide chain baffles and load wheel made of high-quality steel as well as alloy steel.
  • The forged hook with a safety latch and the carbureting chain is high strength grade.
  • The grade two gear drive equipped with a limit load device and lifts up or down with an adjustable limit switch.
  • The hoists adopt the high start torque columnar rotor motor and the trolleys adopt the brake motor.
  • The push-button cord is with 24 voltage for safer handling.
  • Use the lubricating grease of a long lifespan without leakage.
  • Low headroom, lightweight, easy operation, safe and reliable
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