Electric Wire Rope Hoist

The electric wire rope hoist is one of the most demanded products when it comes to lifting and lowering heavy loading weights and materials. As the name suggests Electric Wire Rope Hoist utilizes Electricity to lift heavy workloads which are beyond human capacity. The Phenomenon lift loads by wrapping a cable around a grooved drum and then the load is attached to a hoist by the means of a lifting hook.

Advanced Overhead Crane’ Electric Wire rope hoists come in various sizes:

  • Electric wire rope hoist 1-ton capacity
  • Electric wire rope hoist 2-ton capacity
  • Electric wire rope hoist 3-ton capacity
  • Electric wire rope hoist 5-ton capacity
Electric Wire Rope Hoist is an invaluable asset for lifting and lowering a high amount of weight and reducing the efforts no matter what its unit is it can payback many times the investment made on it due to its efficiency for lifting purposes.

What are the main purposes of Advanced Overhead Cranes’ Electric Wire Rope Hoists?

Electric Wire Rope Hoists are commonly seen at manufacturing units, large-scale factories, and construction sites. It gives workers a helping hand and makes their work hassle-free. Electric Wire Rope Hoists shortens the Amount of work time for a certain period which takes hours and days to complete. They are simple and easy to use solution which will increase the productivity in your operation.


Electric Wire rope hoist is a fast speed lifting equipment in comparison to Electric Chain hoist. The lifting mechanism of the Electric Wire rope hoist is driven by a motor to complete the lifting action of the wire rope drum.

How do Electric Wire Rope Hoists work?

Electric Wire rope hoists use wire to lift which is wrapped around a grooved drum they move load slightly laterally and not precise or accurate in lifting. Although the lateral movement is negligible. Electric Wire Rope Hoists consists of electric motors, a gearbox, a rope drum with rope guides, and a large wire rope fixed with a hook. These hoists are made to carry heavy objects in a variety of conditions like heat, furnaces, and over the burners. These hoists can lift ranging from pounds to tones. But at the same time, it is required to maintain proper safety measures to ensure the safety of the Hoist, load, and the operator.

It is suggested that before buying and using a hoist, you should have clear requirements that what are you going to use it for.

Electric Wire Rope Hoists are made using strands and wires which assures the spreading of pressure, stress, and weight on the overall length rather than being distributed on a single strand alone which decreases the chances of breaking factor. Even if one of the strands breaks, there are chances that the lifting work will be completed without any problems. But a professional would suggest not to use the wire rope which has suffered any such issue but still the current operation can be completed irrespective of the broken strand. So always consider the rope material, wire, and strand structure as they go through more wear and tear than they are subjected to.

Things that will determine the proper usage of Wire Ropes:

  • Flexibility
  • Strength
  • Abrasion resistance
  • Fatigue resistance
  • Crushing resistance
  • Rotation resistance
  • Corrosion resistance
Electric Wire Rope hoists come with an instruction guide where you will have all the operating information. There are a few checks which are suggested to perform you put Electric Wire Rope hoist into use.
  1. Check the Voltage
  2. Check the Lubrication
  3. Check the control switches and Test push buttons
  4. Check Wire Rope tangling
  5. Check the Limit Switches
  6. Test the Cross travel Motion
  7. Trial run with the Load
  8. Make sure not even a single person is standing under the hook

Advanced Overhead Chains guide on the components of Electric Wire rope hoist

Frame: – It is fabricated with steel and bolted type. Wire Rope: – 6×37 construction which is a special flexible steel wire rope, having a safety factor of 6 for class-II and 7 for class-II duty cycle is provided on the hoist. Rope Drum: – Main component is the rope drum which is made of sturdy seamless pipe or fabricated from steel plated and is grooved to take the full lift without over-winding. Gears: – Alloy steel with oil splashed type lubrication. Bottom Block Motor: – Motors are enclosed with half-hour rated with high starting torque, which is specially designed and built for hoist duty. The motors are provided with class-F insulation. Brake: – Disc-type spring-loaded brakes are provided for heavy-duty operation. These too are provided with class-F insulation. Limit Switch: – To avoid over winding of wire rope, limit switches are provided with each hoist, which ensures the highest and lowest position of the load hook. Controls: – Every hoist is provided with a control panel comprising of Siemens/L&T/Schneider to make the heavy-duty, directed-on line reversing type airbrake connector, transformers, and fuses which helps in preventing an accident.

Qualities of Electric Wire Rope Hoists:

  • Very fast lifting speeds as compared to a chain hoist.
  •  Silent in operation.
  •  No room is taken up by chain or chain receptacle.
  •  An optimal choice for considerable long lifting height.
  •  Very smooth lifting operation such as handling of Glass panels or and any other materials.
  •  A heavy safe working load can rise up to more than 10 Tons.
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